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World Trademark Review

World Trademark Review

  • Priporočena družba v letih 2012–2019
  • Priporočeni posamezniki: Gregor Maček v letih 2012-2019, Jasna Habič v letih 2015-2019 in Katja Kovačič v letih 2017-2019, Igor Šetinc v letih 2018-2019
Chambers Europe

Chambers Europe

  • Najvišje uvrščena vodilna pravna pisarna 2012–2019
  • Najvišje uvrščen vodilni posameznik Gregor Maček 2012-2019, vodilni posameznik Igor Šetinc 2019
IP Stars

IP Stars

  • Najvišje uvrščena pravna pisarna na področju intelektualne lastnine v Sloveniji v letu 2017 in 2019
Acquisition International Legal Awards

Acquisition International

  • Vodilna pravna pisarna leta na področju intelektualne lastnine v Sloveniji (2017)
  • Najboljša pravna pisarna na področju intelektualne lastnine v Sloveniji (2016-2017)
  • Najbolj inovativna pravna pisarna v Sloveniji (2017)
  • Najboljši v pravdah na področju znamk (2013–2015)
  • Najboljši v Sloveniji v sporih v zvezi z intelektualno lastnino (2016)
  • Dobitnik nagrade M&A 2012–2014
WIPR - World Intellectual Property Review

WIPR - World Intellectual Property Review

  • WIPR Vodilni strokovnjak 2015-2018: Gregor Maček
ACQ5 Global Awards 2015

ACQ5 Global Awards

  • Najboljša pravna pisarna leta 2015-2019 na področju intelektualne lastnine
  • Najboljša svetovalna pisarna leta 2017-2019 na področju znamk
  • Najboljša pravna pisarna leta 2015-2019 na področju pravd o intelektualni lastnini
  • Najboljši zastopnik za znamke leta 2015-2019: Gregor Maček
Corporate LiveWire Awards 2016

Corporate LiveWire Awards

  • Najboljša pravna pisarna leta 2016-2018 na področju intelektualne lastnine
  • Patentni zastopnik leta 2018
  • Holistična pravna pisarna leta 2017 na področju intelektualne lastnine
  • Najboljša pravna pisarna leta 2016 na področju patentov in znamk
Who's Who Legal

Who's Who Legal

  • Najboljši zastopnik za znamke leta 2015 in 2019: Gregor Maček
Europe Expert

International Advisory Experts

  • Najboljša pravna pisarna leta 2017 na področju intelektualne lastnine
  • Strokovnjakinja za intelektualno lastnino leta 2016: Katja Kovačič

Global Law Experts

  • Najboljša pisarna leta 2017-2019 na področju intelektualne lastnine v Sloveniji
  • Najboljša pravna pisarna leta 2019 v Sloveniji
Europe Expert

Expert Guides

  • Najboljši zastopnik za patente 2016-2019: Gregor Maček
Corporate INTL Global Awards 2014 Winner

Corporate INTL Global Awards

  • Najboljša pisarna s področja intelektualne lastnine v Sloveniji 2018
  • Najboljša pravna pisarna leta 2014 na področju patentov
Legals Finest

Legals Finest

  • Po izboru strank – Najboljša pravna pisarna leta 2015 na področju znamk
SMD Group

SMD Group

Bronasti partner leta 2015 – Pravne pisarne in svetovalne pisarne za intelektualno lastnino

Legal Awards

  • Najboljša pravna pisarna leta 2017 na področju patentov

Global Business Insight Award

  • Najboljša pravna pisarna leta 2018-2019 na področju intelektualne lastnine


WTR 1000, 2019

Item stands at the forefront of IP law in Slovenia. It has “a fantastic team of people”, who nimbly navigate the contentious/non-contentious divide. “They are always on top of things, precise, professional and punctual.” Leading the outfit with “excellent management skills” is Gregor Maček, an efficient operator with over 20 years’ experience. With degrees in both electrical engineering and law, his “technical and legal background make him a fantastic litigator”. He and Jasna Habič “provide precise and comprehensive advice based on an in-depth analysis of the issues, and they always complete tasks on time, even when working under tight deadlines”. Katja Kovačič is a denizen of cyberspace who deals with domain disputes daily. Litigator Igor Šetinc makes his debut in the WTR 1000 this year thanks to his “good-quality advice and diligence”.

WTR 1000, 2018

Item d.o.o. is a time-honoured trailblazer within Slovenian intellectual property. It straddles the contentious/non-contentious divide with ease, swiftly and professionally providing on-point counsel to clients. The way it files and devises portfolio management strategies is effectively informed by lessons gleaned in the courtroom. Spearheading the practice, Gregor Maček has worked in the trademark field for over 20 years, and it shows. Clients shower him with praise: “He’s exceptional – accurate, fast and reliable. You can always rely on him and be sure that he will do everything in his ability to protect your interests, while charging a moderate price for his services.” Similarly effusive, peers say: “Gregor is extremely knowledgeable. It’s a pleasure discussing issues with him, because his insights are always valuable. He devotes a lot of time keeping his clients updated on the latest happenings in IP law.” Working under his wing, Jasna Habič and Katja Kovačič have plenty of loyal fans too. Habič is a creative, commercially minded litigator with the innate composure to come out on top in nail-baiting courtroom battles. Completely at home in the online world, Kovačič burns brightest in domain name disputes.

WTR 1000, 2017

IP powerhouse ITEM straddles the contentious/non-contentious divide with ease, escorting clients through everything from filing through portfolio management to robust enforcement. While based in Slovenia, it has exceptional regional knowledge and provides seamless coverage across Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania. A diverse client roster features nascent start-ups, revered academic institutions and electronics and pharmaceuticals heavyweights. Leading the line is Gregor Maček, an “excellent litigator in trademark matters, owing to his immense experience and strong legal and technical background”. He has assiduously defended the rights of world-renowned luxury goods companies in crucial pan-continental disputes. Domain name dynamo Jasna Habič is au courant with the latest developments in the online world. Fellow internet specialist Katja Kovačič features in the WTR 1000 for the first time this year; she is as impressive at strategic counselling as she is in the cut and thrust of battle.

WTR 1000, 2016

ITEM provides high-quality representation to enterprises of all stripes in Slovenia and the Balkans. Marquee names in the food and beverage industry line up alongside prestigious academic institutions and start-ups to receive the team’s sage advice. Lately, the stellar squad saw action in multifaceted infringement work for COTY Germany and Marc Jacobs. It also represented Aldi and Nestlé in opposition and cancellation proceedings before the local patent and trademark office, as well as continuing to police the portfolios of household names such as Giorgio Armani, Adidas, Eli Lily, Disney and Procter & Gamble. Gregor Macek is a litigator par excellence. The “consummate professional” is warmly endorsed for his “in-depth knowledge of trademarks”. Domain name expert Jasna Habic is a capable counsellor whose practice straddles the contentious/non-contentious divide.

WTR 1000, 2015

ITEM was established in 1992, shortly after Slovenia gained independence from Yugoslavia. Since then, it has consistently been a first port of call for domestic and Balkan IP matters. “It employs only the best people – they know the law, never over-complicate matters and are equally strong on prosecution and litigation.” Some of its highest-profile work involves anti-counterfeiting actions; the team recently secured major customs seizures for marquee clients such as Andreas Stihl and Louis Vuitton Malletier, and leads the pack in the domestic and regional fight against fakes. Gregor Macek “does an excellent job directing the firm” and is widely tipped as the best IP professional in Slovenia: “He is outstanding in a courtroom setting and is always extremely well prepared for his cases. Jasna Habic focuses on trademark , patent and design litigation matters, but is also a proficient counsellor on non-contentious affairs.

WTR 1000, 2014

Boutique ITEM doo receives overwhelmingly positive feedback and is “recommended without hesitation. It is impossible to forget ITEM – the team is devoted to their clients”. One peer confides: “If we have a client we can’t take because of conflict, we will sent it to ITEM. We are confident that it can provide the best possible service. I am glad we have competition like this to keep us on our toes. “Gregor Macek is very skilled at his trade. He is a pleasure to work with”.

WTR 1000, 2013

“ITEM offers an outstanding level of trademark expertise. It is busier than most in this area and has consequently generated more experience than other firms on the market. The team stays on top of the latest developments internationally, and can offer up-to-date advice and solutions.” In addition to acting on behalf of a raft of prominent international brands, the firm has capitalized on the growing IP awareness of local companies to expand its roster of domestic brands. It is also the number one choice for conflict of interest referrals from other Slovenian law firms. The team adopts a highly commercial stance towards IP protection and enforcement. It typically excels on complex contentious matters, and anti-counterfeiting is one of several strong niches for the group. It recently represented Abercrombie & Fitch in counterfeit goods seizures. Gregor Macek spearheads the group and is recommended as an “energetic, committed practitioner with outstanding communication skills”.

WTR 1000, 2012

Enjoying a dominant position in the domestic trademark legal services market, ITEM doo is highly regarded for its “superb ability to serve the needs of clients both in and out of court”. The firm has a substantial prosecution practice, but wins most praise for its enforcement work. Recent case highlights include winning a temporary injunction on behalf of Société Bic for the infringement of a mark covering ballpoint pens. An anti-counterfeiting niche is also part of the ensemble’s armory. It recently represented plaintiff Decker Outdoor Corporation against infringers who ordered UGG boot counterfeits over the Internet; the case was successfully settled, with the counterfeited goods being destroyed at the defendant’s expense. The unit has considerable experience in dealing with domain name disputes, further adding to its dispute resolutions skill set. Gregor Maček leads the practice and is respected as “effective practitioner who defends his client’s interests robustly, while taking a collaborative approach”. He is also “always fully knowledgeable on the latest developments in trademark law and practice, both locally and internationally”.

WTR 1000, 2011

ITEM wins praise as “a very strong company with a number of good practitioners specialising in trademarks”. The firm is one of the most experienced in the IP and trademark field in Slovenia, distinguished by its ability to offer top expertise in both non-contentious and contentious areas. It boats an impressive track record in trademark litigation and is involved in many cases before the higher courts. With a formidable anti-counterfeiting practice, the firm is admired for its ability to cooperate effectively with Customs. Leading market player Gregor Macek is acknowledged as “one of the top experts in the market”.

Chambers Europe, 2019
What the team is known for

Market-leading boutique advising on all areas of IP law. Particularly active on trade mark infringement matters due to customs seizures, with additional expertise in patent matters, both contentious and non-contentious. Also acts on related disputes and houses a group of patent and trade mark attorneys. Clients include international companies in the pharmaceutical, automotive, TMT, fashion and luxury goods sectors. Gains additional recognition for acting on copyright issues.

Notable practitioners

Gregor Maček is commended for his excellent reputation as an IP attorney, being described by one source as “effective to work with,” further stating: “All of his advice was on point.” He handles both contentious and non-contentious IP matters for domestic and international clients. 

Igor Šetinc receives praise from sources as “an excellent litigator.” He focuses on damages claims and trade mark design litigation matters, and is regularly active on infringement actions.

Clients are quick to praise the team and its service. One source reports: “We have no concerns about their expertise, no doubts on the advice or quality of their work. They’re great to work with.”

Another client notes: “They are very knowledgeable in filings and litigations. They are very detailed and experienced. They are very good colleagues we can really rely on.”

Chambers Europe, 2018
What the team is known for

Market-leading boutique advising on all areas of IP law. Particularly active in trade mark infringement matters due to custom seizures, with additional expertise in patent matters. Also acts on related disputes and houses a group of patent and trade mark attorneys. Clients include international companies in the pharmaceutical, fashion and luxury goods sectors. Gains additional recognition for acting on copyright issues.

Notable practitioners

Managing partner Gregor Maček is “an exceptional IP lawyer” and “truly one of the best,” according to interviewees. He is particularly experienced in handling IP litigation and patent matters for high-profile Slovenian and international clients.

The firm is widely recognised for its expertise and focus on IP. A market source states: “They are specialised IP lawyers and they are very, very knowledgeable within this area.”

Chambers Europe, 2017
What the team is known for

Market-leading boutique advising on all areas of IP law. Particularly active in trade mark infringement matters due to custom seizures, with additional expertise in patent matters. Also acts on related disputes and houses a group of patent and trade mark attorneys. Clients include international companies in the pharmaceutical, fashion and luxury goods sectors.

Notable practitioners

Managing partner Gregor Maček is noted as “definitely the person for IP.” He is highly regarded as an IP litigator and frequently advises international retailers and luxury goods producers on infringement proceedings in Slovenia. He is also qualified as an OHIM trade mark and design attorney. Clients are “very satisfied with his expertise” and praise his “care for the client in complex cases.”

Clients praise the firm’s customer service, stating they “do not have a single complaint on their availability or quality of their services.”

Source describe the team as “serious, punctual” and with a “smooth approach.”

Chambers Europe, 2016
What the team is known for

Leading team with strong expertise covering all areas of IP law, notably including trade mark and patent litigation. Represents Slovenian and global leaders from the fashion, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries, in a wide range of IP matters, particularly covering customs matters pertaining to counterfeit goods.

Notable practitioners

Gregor Maček is widely recognised as a standout practitioner in the Slovenian IP market, noted especially for his skills in trade mark and patent litigation. He recently assisted French company Alcatel-Lucent with a case concerning the Slovenian IP office’s refusal of the trade mark Light Radio.

“We are very happy with the service provided – the lawyers are always available and try to please all of our wishes.” 

Chambers Europe, 2015
What the team is known for

Specialist IP firm with experience in the full range of IP issues, including trade marks, designs, patents, domain names and customs measures concerning counterfeit goods. Best known for acting on IP litigation cases, particularly involving patents. Frequently represents major Slovenian research and academic institutions.

Notable practitioners

Sources unanimously describe leading figure Gregor Macek as a “highly revered, widely knowledgeable, accomplished and authoritative” name in the Slovenian IP market. He has particular prominence in patent-related matters, although his expertise also covers trade marks, domain names and industrial designs.

“The lawyers are team players and good at coming to a compromise in a case.”

Chambers Europe, 2014
What the team is known for

A strong patent and trade mark agency highly regarded for its skilled team. Advises clients on IP litigation as well as non-contentious filings.

Notable practitioners

Gregor Maček is recognized not only for his legal knowledge but for his technical experience stemming from a background in electrical engineering. One source states: “I value Maček very much as a leading individual in this area”.

“A strong firm in Slovenia.”

Chambers Europe, 2013
The Firm

This patent and trademark agency offers on of the top IP teams in Slovenia for trade mark, patent and copyright matters. The 11-partner boutique combines a potent mix of leading patent attorneys and specialist lawyers, and is skilled in both contentious and non-contentious work. Recent highlights include assisting the European Commission with a trade mark invalidation acting, and action on a copyright infringement matter for Disney.

Key Individuals

Department head Gregor Macek is a leading name in both contentious and non-contentious work, covering trade marks, domain names, patents and industrial design. One client says: “He has years of experience and knows everything there is to know in this field. He is the lading name in patent law in Slovenia and you can trust him to answer any question and deliver perfectly.”

“This firm is brilliant. The lawyers are quick, and make really good suggestions. It’s great that we can use them for court work.”

Chambers Europe, 2009

A dedicated IP firm with an impressive mix of lawyers and IP attorneys, ITEM d.o.o. is applauded for both its contentious and its non-contentious work. Gregor Macek is the senior lawyer.