Until December 2013 the Slovenian IP Office (SIPO) did not allow limitation of the list of goods and services when applying for the renewal of a trademark registration, although Article 52 (3) of the Industrial Property Act explicitly allows such limitation at renewal: “a trademark may be renewed […] for all goods and services or […] only for some of the goods or services”.

In December 2013 the SIPO changed its practise and for the first time allowed limitation of the list of goods and services at the time of renewal without requesting the limitation to be recorded and paid separately, by removing entire classes from the list as requested from the applicant. However, in a decision of February 2015 the SIPO did not limit the list of goods and services as requested at renewal, since the applicant requested the limitation within a class. According to the SIPO’s practise, the limitation of goods/services within the class is not possible at renewal.

Jasna Habič – SIPO: limitation of goods/services within class not possible at renewal, WTR, 2015