Counseling on Your Intellectual Property Rights

Good advice is rarer than rubies, says the title of a Salman Rushdie’s short story. We agree. Good advice is also priceless. If you are in doubt whether your idea requires or is even eligible for protection, we are here to help you with this assessment. We not only help you protect your intellectual property (IP), we also help you choose the best and most cost-effective way of doing so.

Our team of experienced lawyers, engineers and dedicated supporti staff is uniquely able to help you design and implement an efficient IP strategy with emphasis on a holistic approach that is tailored to your particular needs to support your business. Come to us with your ideas, creations, inventions and expectations, and let us work together to envisage the best possible solutions, and then make them a reality.

We strive to provide first-rate trademark, design, patent and copyright protection services from the very beginning until the conclusion.

Your IP assets are part of your resource pool. IP should therefore be a core element of your business plan.


Portfolio management

is crucial to maximize the value of your IP assets. Once you have protected your IP rights, they need to be properly maintained. Again, good advice is of the utmost importance. We advise on and manage your IP rights portfolio locally and internationally, including the cost-effective maintenance of IP rights, by ensuring timely renewals and by helping you prioritize your rights in order to keep them in line with your business strategy.

Your trademark serves as your identifier with customers. Your aim is to ensure it stays that way. Monitoring trademark registers to ensure that nobody tries to protect an identical or similar trademark unnoticed is of vital importance, as is supervising the marketplace to ensure that nobody is using your IP without your authorization.

Prior to applying for trademark protection: availability search

Once protection is obtained: trademark watching and trademark renewals

Trademark watching

helps to detect potentially conflicting trademarks, and enables you to challenge their validity at the earliest possible stage, e.g. by filing opposition against registration. Acting early means not only lower costs, but also the increased likelihood of success and an easier course of action. Solving the problem after a conflicting trademark has already been registered is more difficult and sometimes even impossible. We assist you in designing the optimum portfolio watching strategy, arranging watching services through specialized companies, analyzing the results of watching reports and deciding on the most appropriate strategy to prevent the registration of a potentially conflicting trademark.

If somebody attempts to exercise your rights without your permission, we offer advice on the best enforcement strategy, and represent you before alternative dispute resolution boards, courts and administrative bodies in all IP and associated commercial law matters.


Contract drafting and revision

is an essential investment in good business relations. Our lawyers draft or revise various types of contracts, including assignment, franchise and license agreements.

IP rights represent tools for building a successful business. By offering a full range of IP services, we assist and counsel proprietors through the entire life cycle of IP rights. We strongly believe that understanding all aspects and stages of IP rights, including protection and enforcement, is the only way we can help you achieve your business objectives.

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ITEM team consists of experienced and dedicated intellectual property lawyers and experts, who work closely together in order to provide high-quality, client-focused services. We strive to handle the entrusted matters with excellence, diligence and creativity.