About Us

We believe that only a comprehensive understanding of intellectual property rights and a holistic approach to this field lead to the best outcome for our clients.



Our team

Our experienced and dedicated intellectual property (IP) lawyers, patent attorneys, trademark attorneys and experts from various technical fields work closely together in order to provide high-quality, client-focused and business-oriented services. Each individual case motivates us to develop unique solutions to meet our clients’ requests and needs. We strive to handle the matters entrusted to us with excellence, diligence and creativity.

Duška Erjavec

Trademark Consultant

Nina Gorenc

Patent Consultant

Avrelija Grad Goriup

Patent Attorney

Nataša Černe Horvat

Office Manager

Tatjana Jeršan

Patent and Trademark Attorney

Lea Kravos

Trademark Attorney

Gregor Maček

Managing Partner, Lawyer, Patent and Trademark Attorney

Neža Poglajen

Trademark Consultant

Igor Šetinc


Rok Šivec

Patent Consultant

Andrej Vojir

Patent Attorney